Download Two New Tracks From Skream


The early android gets the beats. We’re not sure what the situation is as Digital Soundboy hasn’t posted anything on this as of yet, but they just threw two Skream tracks up on their SoundCloud for free download, and they are scorchers! The first track, “Daim,” finds Skream twisting out his evolving brand of house. The track is built around a simple-yet-effective melody, which is laced with loads of synths and other bright sounds, draped atop a hard kick and some funky, subdued bass. The flipside, “Mood to Funk,” is one that many dubstep fans should already know, as this has sat on dubplate for a bit. Skream’s dubstep is top notch, and this one is as dubby and as tough as can be. Hypnotic and brooding, you’ll be asking for the wheel on this one in no time.