Eddie K – “Come With Me”


Hench has had a reputation of putting out some of the darkest records out in bass music.  And this is not that.  At all.  Eddie K has been on on a bit of hiatus, and just released a two-track EP through Hench.  I included his single “Who’s The Hardest” on our list of 25 tracks that make us miss dubstep a couple of months ago, because we hadn’t heard anything from this beast in a minute.

While Eddie K has always leaned to the pop side of things in bass music, this is a radio-ready banger.  The comments on this track on the Hench SoundCloud page are mixed; some people are saying it doesn’t represent the sound Hench has carved out over the years.  There really isn’t any debate to these sentiments.  We love the fact that Hench is sticking by their artists and representing a broader view of bass.