Eno • Hyde – “Daddy’s Car”

Image via Perou Web
Image via Perou Web

Warp Records knows nothing in regards to having a lack of quality. What they do know about is making history, and this particular collaboration is a huge, huge deal.

In one corner, there’s musical tastemaker/legend Brian Eno who is responsible for producing such groups as the Talking Heads, U2, Coldplay and Depeche Mode (and the creator of this sound); in the other corner there is Karl Hyde, who is non other than the supreme leader of the 90s dance music outfit Underworld. Together they are simply named Eno • Hyde, and they have come.

Check out the single from their collaboration, called Daddy’s Car - it’s a mix of Eno’s rock backgrounds and Hyde’s anthem-like vocals (see “Two Months Off” for more of an idea), and together, it has the signature Warp sound that you know all too well… or do you?

Preorders are available right now at Enohyde.com.