Eric Clapton – “Cocaine (Gazzo Remix)”

Image via Gazzo
Image via Gazzo

I try to always remember the fangirl whose passion inspired the words that got me this gig in the first place, but keep her hidden from the professional life on the inside of this industry. This battle between who I once was and who I want to be becomes most contentious when I am hit up by an artist whose music I have reviewed. It is quite possibly the most rewarding part of the job, but it is also in these moments that I want to fan out the hardest.

I wanted to scream like a teenie bopper at a Beatles show in the ’60′s, posting on all websites and flexing to all my friends about this track that I have had the honor of listening to through its final stages of mastering. The professional I have become issued restraint, and waited for the January 6 release date to tell you about this track from my homie Mike Gazzo. If you have read the many words I’ve written for DAD, you know there is nothing I appreciate more than an old track made new again.

We are caught in a vicious cycle of repetition that even the arts have become a mundane field. Artists try too hard to be unique, the result often times a replica of the generic sounds that are dulling our over stimulated ears. Gazzo understands that the past can serve break that cycle. In this funky electro remix of Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine,” Gazzo draws on old material to create the uniqueness that others can only strive to achieve. It all seems so simple when I explain it. It makes so much sense that a song by one of the greatest rock musicians, quite arguably the greatest guitar player of all time, mixed into uptempo beats could serve as greatness by modern standards. When you listen to this track, you can hear the complicated process of carefully layering each sound so that not a second of it seems off or misplaced.

It takes a great artist to remix Claption in this way. The beat and deep rhythm of today’s electro meet a sped up recording of the Clapton classic, in a magical shake of Gazzo’s hands and good old slowhand.