Download Ethan Dubb’s “Twurkaholics Year End 2k13 Mix”

Image via Actual Records
Image via Actual Records

I don’t really even know what to say about this mix. It is fresh as fuck. I know I am from Philadelphia, and I am always trying to give love to my peeps here in my hometown, so maybe you don’t want to take my word for it. Maybe you don’t know about Ethan Dubb, or even Actual Records. Maybe you think I should focus my attention somewhere else, outside the box that is my own backyard.

I don’t really give a fuck what you think, to be honest. There is an authenticity here in Philadelphia that doesn’t exist everywhere else. The Actual Records crew has been throwing parties deep in the trap since before this music made it to dance halls across the country, and if anyone knows about real twerk music, it is these guys. The Twurkaholics dance parties, held regularly in Philadelphia, exemplify the trap/twerk movement. They began in actual trap houses and have moved to some of the best venues for dance music in Philadelphia.

E-Dubb can usually be caught as the opening act at these events, always throwing down a set epitomizes twerk music. He hits us with the sixth installment of the .40PHIVE mixes, the Twurkaholics Year End 2K13 Mix, taking us out of the trap and into the double-timed nastiness that is twerk music.


1. Next Episode (caked up Tree-mix) – Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg
2. IBETCHU – Yellow Claw & Cesqueaux *.40PHIVE EDIT*
3. Still Turnt – Whiiite *.40PHIVE EDIT*
4. Oh My G#&! – Snavs *.40PHIVE EDIT*
5. VIP – NYMZ & Ricky Vaughn *.40PHIVE EDIT*
6. Anthem – Snavs *.40PHIVE EDIT*
7. Twerk It Out (Nasxy Remix) – 2Deep & Corrupted Data *.40PHIVE EDIT*
8. Bombaclot – Tropkillaz
9. Hotta Than Hot – Thrizzo
10. WOW – Shooter McNappin
11. Swing It – Ian Munro & Kyle Van Riper
12. Hermetico (LVX Remix) – Balkan Beat Box
13. Gijibae – Saint & G-Buck
14. Ace – LVX & XVII
15. #Twurnt – G-Buck
16. Baddest – Ape Drums ft. Gappy Ranks
17. Moroccan Candy – Saint & AGLORY
18. I Want – Champion Rocka
19. Alhambra – Saint & AGLORY *.40PHIVE EDIT*
20. Get Ill – Cut Throats & HTTP *.40PHIVE EDIT*
21. Click Clack – Oddzilla ft XNDR & ThirdKind *.40PHIVE EDIT*
22. Earthquake (Noizekid Bootleg) – DJ Fresh vs Diplo
23. Oye Mami Pt 2 – Ricky Vaughn
24. Sacco – Noizekid
25. C’mon Yoo – Noisetwins
26. Sin Compromiso (Munchi’s Fuck Bitch Promoters VIP) – Bro Safari & Munchi
27. E.O.T.W. Anthem – Morrison
28. 50 Caliber (Hoodie’s Moombahcore Swek VIP Remix) – Funtcase
29. Survival Tactics (Cratesz Moombahton VIP) – Cratesz
30. Survival Tactics (original mix) – Cratesz *.40PHIVE EDIT*
31. Brain Splat – Kai Wachi & Squinto *.40PHIVE EDIT*