Fedde Le Grand and Sultan & Ned Shepherd – “Long Way Home”

Fedde Le Grand

Fedde Le Grand may have may his name with tunes and videos like “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit,” but the Dutch producer proved he has been nothing close to a one hit wonder.  His latest is a collaboration with Sultan & Ned Shepherd called “Long Way From Home.” The track is a busy yet melodic complextro-style tune. Perfect for the dance floor, the track also features a guitar and handclap-driven breakdown designed to give you enough room to breathe before hitting you again with a driving beat.  It’s crazy to think this is the same guy as “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit,” but it is.  Fedde has shown over time that house is the name of the game.  Minimal dirty electro, big progressive anthems, techy head bobbers and anything in between, Fedde can do it.  He’ll be taking over the main stage at Ultra this Friday at 7:55PM, so catch him there and grab this song when it comes out March 18 via Flamingo Records.