FuntCase ft. Foreign Beggars vs. The OGz – “Everybody Knows”


FuntCase‘s Don’t Piss Me Off EP is due out on March 17, and the masked dubstep maniac cooked up a blip-ridden dubstep beast for the Foreign Beggars and The OGz to let loose over. Lyrics upon lyrics upon lyrics spit in a distinctly UK bass music style, this assortment of rappers perfectly ride the rhythm while letting it be known that they’re not to be fucked with.

  • ColdProNinja ColdProNinja


  • Spyka

    The second rapper in this song sound exactly like Eminem. Is it him, or can I actually enjoy this song without he stigma of a spoiled brat from the land of excess.

    • khal

      There is no Eminem on this song. If there was, believe me we would’ve mentioned it.