GameFace & AnuBeatz – “Totes”


Hey hey wait.  Wait just a minute.  Biggie said “tokes”, didn’t he?

Oh, nevermind.

We’ve been championing GameFace since the moment we heard his collaboration with young talent Hucci.  A couple of months ago, I posted a trio of downloadable records that GameFace produced, and slept on a couple that have come out since then.  He recently moved to the UK and has taken no time in his quest for the takeover.  And we’re not slow.  AnuBeatz’ alias is a flip of his last name.  It took me a second to piece together, but these two producers are related.

This trippy flip of Biggie’s “Dead Wrong” is layered perfectly.  Skimming through AnuBeatz’ catalog leads me to believe that GameFace is tutoring a close family member.  I love seeing talent help each other out and pull each other up.  And the minimal sequencing and meticulous drums on this is exactly what I’m looking for.  You can click the download button, select “buy,” and it will redirect to a free download of GameFace’s Alpha Centauri EP.  Totes on the marijuana smoke.