PREMIERE: Gavin Hardkiss’ Romantic Summer 2014 DJ Mix (Part 2)

Image via Gavin Hardkiss
Image via Gavin Hardkiss

Back in 90’s San Francisco; Scott, Gavin, and Robbie Hardkiss helped pioneer the American EDM/rave scene with their club nights, warehouse parties and groundbreaking record label. A year later, after the untimely death of Scott Hardkiss, Gavin and Robbie are relaunching their Hardkiss Music label with the release of their new album Hardkiss 1991.

While the album was released this spring, the mix we’ve got for you today is a testament to the roots of all things dance. It’s beautiful, tormented, ironic, and still so pure in its intentions. It’s a treat and a refreshing moment of repose and reflection from a scene that can be difficult to stomach at times.

There’s plenty of flowery language that I could use to describe this mix, but I think Gavin can say it best with a quote that almost seems plucked from a re-imagining of Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire“The mix is inspired by the SoCal desert rave scene.  The music can sometimes be so bad at some events that when you hear what crews like Desert Hearts have to offer, and especially Lee Reynolds, you know there is hope.  Chunky, funky, trippy & fucking beautiful doesn’t get old.

To keep it interesting, I wanted to make a dj mix that sounded like you were tuned to the FM/AM dial with station IDs, CB truck driver interference & spoken word leaking thru.”


Soulphiction – When Radio Was Boss (Original Mix)
Jesse Perez – That’s Real Muthafuckin’ Talk (Jesse’s Bump N Grind Mix)
Mijk Van Dijk – Ebony
Scott & Gavin Hardkiss – Acid funk (Endless Story Mix)
Paco Osuna – Pum Pum
Budai – What For
Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta – Tactile (Stacey Pullen Remix)
Art of Hot – Muzik
Pan/Tone – Beyonce Bounce
Thee Cool Cats – Vibe
Matteo Meschini – Ahkir Eegor Remix
Ronald Christoph – Take Off, Baby! (SiD Edit)
Aqstnik – From Star To Star (feat. Kubin)
Volta Cab – Organica (Original Mix)
Chaim – UR Around Me (Original Mix)
Jacques Renault – Back To You (Paradis Remix)