Gazzo – “High & Low”


With a combination of low-down, crunchy, bass synths, and hard hitting, progressive electro house beats, Gazzo’s first original production is guaranteed to turn some heads. The Mac Miller meets Pitbull lovechild lookalike is no stranger to turning heads as he’s been making a name for himself in the Maryland scene for a minute and has released this track via Kodiak Collective (Kid Cedek, Aire Atlantica).

Pick up a copy before St. Patty’s Day hits and you won’t regret it. I’m talking green beer all over the place, leprechauns running naked through the kitchen, slapping butts and making a scene with their little orange beards and lucky charms all over your shit. You know how it goes. Typical party, just turned the fuck up if this track is on.

The track itself is available on Beatport, but you can find a preview below…because we love you so much, baby birds. In my opinion, the preview doesn’t nearly do the whole five-minute-and-fifty-second track justice so just trust me on this and buy a copy so a brother can get some car-bombs on Sunday and we don’t have to say I told you so when Gazzo blows up. Yuh welcome.