Get Ready for the Weekend with Gold River Show’s “The Grand Opening” Compilation


Every now and then, even the musical elitists among us–the finicky few who prefer their playlists just right–like to hand the reigns over to someone else and let them pick the songs. That’s the joy of radio or a great DJ at their best: The serendipity and excitement of one fantastic song playing after another without requiring any effort on the part of the listener.

This weekend (or whenever you choose to turn up), let East Village Radio’s Gold River show be your guide with new compilation “The Grand Opening.” Throughout its run, the show has played host to a who’s who of dance music practitioners: Jackmaster, L-Vis 1990, Brenmar, Rizzla, Krystal Klear, Vjuan Allure, Morri , Total Freedom, MikeQ, Visionist, Baauer, Krueger, DJ Sliink, Raja, Nadus, Obey City, and many more.

The compilation features up and comers like Cabo Blanco and Krueger blending classic vibes and modern sounds spanning hip-hop, trap, house, twerk, ghetto tech, and even a touch of grime. It captures the vibe of gritty late nights spent hopping from one warehouse party to another perfectly. Stream “The Grand Opening” below and download here.