Goldie – “Electric Abyss”

This Body Songs project is pretty dope. They asked 10 UK artists to make a track that’s inspired by one of our body’s organs. Kind of dope that they got Goldie to contribute a track, especially because he picked the brain. He’s a deep thinker, and has always been multiple steps ahead of what’s going on currently. For “Electric Abyss,” he actually takes things back, crafted a serene tune that transports us to the earlier days of jungle, even though it’s filtered through today’s tech. Goldie chose the brain specifically for this project; here’s why:

As a very young kid , I look back and wonder how I ever made it out of where I was. It’s only now I realise as a man the trauma I had been through, and yet, the beauty of being creative, wanting to become ‘somebody’, and finding out about the limbic system and where it sits in my brain….it’s the same place where our fear lies…

Deep. This track feels almost like the search (and discovery) where that limbic system resides.

  • The Colonel

    Too bad it take five minutes to get running, but when it does it’s the best thing he’s done in days. Really happy to see the DnB old guard listening to new breed and returning to jungle sounds and tempos.