Gridlok – “American Dream (SPKTRM Remix)”


Full disclosure: we kind of wish DAD debuted in 2012. That way, we could’ve had SPKTRM’s Android Dreams album be our theme. We still can, but it was already out by the time we hit the scene.

Anyways, this is SPKTRM’s first release since dropping his impressive debut album. Might be too early for some of you, but we all need some politically-charged drum & bass at some point of our lives. SPKTRM’s a thinker, and a talented producer, so having Gridlok “get” him is a treat for us, because as you can hear, SPKTRM’s given the the keys to drive over whatever he feels like.

This one right here builds from a found sample questioning reality and sheep-like aspects of live, dropping into a bass-driven groove that builds into a sea of edited breaks. Can’t wait for this one to hit the streets, so we can dig deep into it and revel in SPKTRM’s futuristic armageddon.