Happy Colors & G-Buck – “Worldwide”

Image via Main Course
Image via Main Course

Been waiting on this one to formally drop for a minute and we shouldn’t have to tell you how much of a heater this is that you’re about to download, especially after all the support it’s been getting from some huge names you all know and love all summer long.  But to truly understand how big this tune is, you need to understand how much of a hybrid uptempo club tune it is as well. Basically, putting this under just one genre umbrella is just cruel and unusual punishment.  Happy Colors & G-Buck (both should be familiar names to you at this point) move through house, club, tropical bass, and slowed juke (dare I say elements of soca and hardstyle as well?) like the gangster genre chameleons we’ve come to know them to be.  This is an uptempo stormer that’s just as dope as a DJ mix tool as it is a tune to build your whole set around.  Versatility and energy my friends, are a very dangerous and enjoyable combination when cross pollinated this effectively.

  • Ashemz

    CAN IT BE FESTIVAL SEASON? i hope this song is still relevant by then! s0o0o0o Good!

  • Realist

    sad…music & dudes like happy n gbuck like this will never be discovered they will be like a munchi, a heartbreak. minority djs and producers who wont sell. sum1 prove me wrong though eyes on u MAD DECENT