Heavy1 – “Fear The Satellites (Sinistarr Remix)”


Want to know why I love my job?  All of the writers at DAD come from different walks of life.  I work a boring day job that I probably won’t be at for too much longer.  Tyler is living in LA and on the grind.  Jake is in Baltimore in college.  I’ve known khal for 15 years, and he’s the one that is stuck in an office all day.  I hold myself in high regards as a DJ and curator.  But the real musical talent is Jeremy, known to the public as Sinistarr.

He sends us his mixes, links us to gigs that he’s on, and posts when he can.  He tours quite a bit, and the grueling schedule is time consuming.  His background in drum & bass piqued my interest, but we really got to know each other as I was looking around for someone to properly educate me on juke music.  His Detroit roots and patience were monumental in a collaborative release that we put out last year.  This was six months before we even knew Do Androids Dance was going to bring us back together.

We are all careful with conflict of interest.  I never post my own releases.  And neither does Sinistarr.  We’re all sticklers for quality, and don’t post anything that we don’t truly believe in.  And this is one of the coolest footwork tunes I’ve heard in a minute.  The pointed womp, meticulous vocal sample, and insane breaks.  I love Sinistarr as a person, and love his work.  But this is just NASTY.  You can get it on June 3 on Heavy1′s Minimalized Remixes Vol.1 via Rubik Records.