Download Hesk’s “Take It Slow, Vol. 2″ Mix

Image via Hesk
Image via Hesk

Back in January, Hesk wowed the Internets with his “Take It Slow, Vol. 1″ mix featuring his “slow juke” vibe. Hesk, who reps Montreal and the juke/footwork sounds, has a chilled take on one of our favorite brands of bass music, whether it’s an edit or remix he’s done or some original bangers. That proper bedroom flavor, yadig? Earlier today, Hesk linked with LFTF to drop “Take It Slow, Vol. 2,” the next chapter in this series. Sticking with the formula, he drops an R&B-dripping footwork-thumping mix featuring cuts from DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Clent, and others alongside his own originals and special edits. If you need something to slip and slide to in the comfort of your own silk-fitted bed (with that special someone), you’d be playing yourself if you weren’t playing this mix. Turn up.


1. DJ Rashad ft. Chi Boogie – Ride This Dick (Hesk Remix)
2. DJ Gantman – Footwork Orchestra (Edit)
3. C-Cutta – Tonight It’s Goin’ Down (Edit)
4. DJ Clent – Those Jeans
5. DJ Spinn – Head 2nite ’05 (Edit)
6. DJ Rashad – I Can’t Get It
7. DJ Spinn – She’s A Bustdown (Lil Miz313 – Fuck Me In My Face vocals)
8. DJ Solo – Footwurk Jazz (Hesk’s Jukin Edit)
9. Candyman and Leatherface – Ultimate Feeling
10. Hesk – Never Stop 2k13
11. DJ Pillsbury – Get Up Juke Remix
12. Hesk – Three 6 2k13VIP
13. DJ Manny – In The Cut
14. Hesk and Sirr TMO – Till Things Get Right
15. DJ Deeon – Sexual Eruption Juke Mix (Edit)
16. Lil Jabba – Visions
17. Hesk and Paveun – Exclusives (Hesk’s Live Edit)
18. C-Bit – Best Sex