Who is Producing Records as HØBBES?


This is an absolutely epic trip-hop track from HØBBES, who hails from Winston-Salem North Carolina.  But before you get intrigued enough to go to look for more music, let me warn you.  It doesn’t exist, and nothing else can be found on this mysterious producer. We have a live set with 85 plays, and this record, which I found at 10 total spins on SoundCloud. I’m calling bullshit on this “unknown” act immediately.  Nobody’s first release is this good. I’ve got 2:1 odds that this is a known artist releasing tunes under an alias.

As you ponder my speculation, feel free to enjoy “future . world / / past . life.” This is a slow banger, borrowing sounds that would fit in a dramatic scene in an ’80s movie; it’s like watching Top Gun on lean… IN YOUR EARS.  It has incredible direction, and the sounds were selected with a professional ear, I just wish I knew who’s it was. You can stream it below, and follow the yellow brick road for the free download via BandCamp.

  • Guest

    Hobbes is a buddy of mine and totally legit as a producer. He’s not secretly some big name name dude. He’s just talented.

  • Sugarfication

    Yeah he’s a friend of mine too, he’s like a really cool guy smart as shit and riddled with talent, if he can find a genre or a direction and stick to it he could go farther than light…

  • space gang

    fuck yeah hobbes!!!!

  • billy

    who the hell is hobbes? this guy is a fucking genius

  • j z weezy

    this blog keeps poppin up everywhere, this nigga brilliant

  • Diplo

    I should probably mention that this isn’t me.

  • Greg Thore

    Its a friend of mine, you may have heard of him.

  • Dipshit

    Honestly.. nothing special here..

    • no h8 2008

      u a bitch nigga brUh

  • AtomikA

    I met him when I opened for Krewella in Raleigh last month. His name is cody, and he mentioned that he had produced/released tunes under some other alias’, but other than that he’s just a normal producer doin well man :)

  • overrate much lol?