Hobzee & Zyon Base – “After Dark”


Silent Dust is a truly remarkable duo. Years back, two drum & bass producers, Hobzee and Zyon Base, linked up and started collaborating on a number of beautifully soulful dnb tracks. As their sounds got better, they evolved into the Silent Dust crew, with Marcus Intalex‘s Soul:r set to drop their album. This ultimately didn’t happen, but SD was not deterred; they simply started their own imprint (none60), and put the project out themselves… to critical acclaim.

Usually, Easter brings bunnies and chocolate-covered eggs. This year, SD brings a track that we have to assume is “older,” as it’s listed not under the Silent Dust name. Regardless of its age, its a solid slab of dnb for the quiet zone. Sun’s down, wine’s poured, and you need a bouncy number that won’t cloud your conversation. You’re welcome.