Hucci – “₵ashmere”


Hucci‘s at it again. His latest, “₵ashmere,” the teen trap phenom pairs visuals from Captain Murphy’s Duality mixtape movie thing with some downright melancholy trap. The way he’s manipulated that sampled vocal is something you don’t get to hear in the trap scene at all. At the pace Hucci’s running right now, he’ll be surpassing the majority of the trap scene in creativity before the year is out. In short, tracks like this are exactly why we told you to keep an eye out for him this year.

Word is an EP from Hucci is on the horizon, but he’s not sure if this track will make it or not. Expect a mini-mix of tracks from him in the near future, though.

  • Andrew Martin

    why’d he jack Tycho’s art tho?


    thats what the fuck im sayin…nigga thats the Dive album cover, dont disrespect the god Tycho