Illangelo – “Crash Landing”


We recently received word that French imprint Bromance linked up with OWSLA to form Bromance US, and the first project would be the History of Man LP from Canadian producer Illangelo, which is set to be released on August 20. They wasted no time in getting a preview from the project sorted out, with “Crash Landing” setting us up for a piece of this concept project (which is said to be a ten “chapter” album that is inspired by John MIlton’s “Paradise Lost”). DAD’s not delved into this that deeply, but we’re more intrigued now that we’ve heard this cut, which feels like you’re coming to your senses after flying your aircraft into some desolate rock. We’d not heard of Illangelo that much prior to this news, although we’d known he’d done “Crew Love” for Drake and The Weeknd and “Remember You” for Wiz Khalifa and The Weeknd (noticing a pattern), but we plan on checking for not only this album, but everything else he has on the horizon.