Introducing ​Breeze​ You’Nasty


​Breeze​ You’Nasty is a young Jersey club producer from Plainfield that is dissecting pop records and placing them within some of the hardest club chops I’ve heard in a minute. As we look to Swizzymack, Sliink, Mike Gip, Tamiel, Jayhood, Hot Rod, Nadus, and Fade as our standards for North Jersey production, Breeze is on their heels with some mind-blowing drum work within masterfully-placed samples.

Nobody in the United States has quite figured out how to market club, juke, twerk, and a handful of specialized genres, and the lack of a platform that truly understands this music is two-fold. On one hand, it holds genres back from exploding. The fact that it can’t turn trendy keeps it fresh and exciting and relevant might be the thing that keeps these artists alive and thriving. Likewise, the complete lack of downloads from Breeze and a stack of other producers creates self-containment and self-sustainability.

That said, your only option outside of messaging this young monster privately for his tunes to simply enjoy them on SoundCloud. We have our eye on Breeze ​You’Nasty and will let you know if he makes a splash in the industry. In the meantime, I went through his collection of tunes and pulled some truly amazing work. He made the only version of “Call Me Maybe” that I would ever play out in public, if that says anything. Give his tunes an ear and let us know what you think!

  • Mr Strongg

    Very refreshing! Thanks for this one DAD.