EXCLUSIVE: Sadboi Saturdays with Jamrock #2: “HiCloud”

Jamrock - Lonely Soprano

Round two of Sadboi Saturdays with Jamrock here as we continue to unleash the awesomeness that is his Lonely Soprano EP. “HiCloud” seems to be drenched in heartache and tears that it shouldn’t matter that it’s summer and gorgeous outside. “I met the girl of my dreams but I’m so lonely”. The flood of sadness is very real with this one. The tropical bounce accompanying these epic levels of depression is quite tasty though as it allows a minuscule ray of sunshine creep in through the black curtains. Again, this track and EP are all Jamrock and that includes the vocals which he’s stepping out with for the first time ever. Coolest thing to me is that we’ve still got my favorite two tracks from the EP to come over the next couple of weeks.