EXCLUSIVE: Jamrock – “Ho Safari”

Ho Safari (Image)

Jamrock is definitely one of those post moombahton kids in the UK that I’ve been steady keeping an eye on. Nine times out of 10, whatever tempo or tropical riddim he wants to mess with, the end result is on some top-shelf sounds. Dude has messed with all kinds of R&B, funk, soul, dancehall, etc. vibes, and it’s always tasty and almost always on a super chill tip. This new one from him, “Ho Safari,” is still on a more laidback, zouk bass tip but this feels like some potential tropical strip club-type anthem. The lead synths and adlibs have a bit of heady, paranoid appeal and the percussion shuffle is super on point. And that breathy male vocal sample speaks immensely to the hedonistic nature of the tune and is basically the ultimate cherry on the top. Of course, all of the this being brought to you exclusively from DAD.