Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci – “Fresh (ETC!ETC! Remix)”


Ding dong! That’s supposed to be the sound of your doorbell. What’s here? A free moombahton banger from ETC!ETC!, remixing an already-banging collaboration from Jillionaire and Salvatore Ganacci. The other great thing that it shows is that you can make a killer moombahton track without resorting to dutch house synth sounds. That’s a memo many moombahton diehards never got and might be the real key to “saving” the genre (if that’s how you think).

Seems like a lot of peeps are into the original as we already had a remix courtesy of Fight Clvb drop in the last week or so. If this is the kind of quality work that the original inspires I say bring on the remixes. Let it rain.