PREMIERE: Jin Jin – “Fire Me Up (Chimpo Remix)”


We’ve been putting you onto the goodness that is MC/producer Chimpo, and today we have a special premiere from one of our current favorites. A few months back, the sultry diva house bomb that is Jin Jin‘s “Fire Me Up” hit the scene, and I’m a bit miffed that I wasn’t up on this tune at that time. Like I always say, though, a good remix can help you discover all kinds of artists, and with the rework that Chimpo cooked up? We’re all ears. He kept the overall vibe of “Fire Me Up” in tact, but added some well-placed kicks and bass drops that have me going mental. He actually adds sounds to the mix that play up the “fire” aspect of the track, but in a more “khal is getting all esoteric” way. Whatever the case may be, this one knocks. “Fire Me Up” is due out on September 29,