Stream J:Kenzo’s “Bloodlines” EP


2012 bore a number of beautiful albums in the bass music world, and it feels like one of the projects that got slept on was J:Kenzo’s self-titled affair. It had it’s bangers, and it got play, but in the grand scheme of things, no one is truly checking for dubstep like that, so we get it. But don’t come round saying “dubstep is dead” yet not checking out his material. If you DID sleep last year, you could get a pass if you check out Bloodlines, which Tempa will be releasing on July 15.

J:Kenzo brings the more moody side of dubstep alive, living deep within the subwoofer with tracks that hark back to the days of old. If you want to base his sound on what DJ would be playing them, Kenzo’s more Hatcha than Rusko. Over four tracks, he establishes solid grooves, deep basslines, and surpasses most of what’s out there in the dubstep/bass music/140 scene anyways. He’s on a very short list of our favorite dubstep producers in the game right now. Get your pre-order on.