Blasterjaxx – “Koala (Jordan Alexander Refix)”

Image via Jordan Alexander on Facebook
Image via Jordan Alexander on Facebook

Legend has it they met in a Call of Duty chatroom. If there is one thing Borgore likes as much as side boob and big butts for his cake and ice cream, it is video games. Anyone who follows him on twitter has been invited to join him on the battlefield. By battlefield, I mean studio. This legend found aspiring young producers Luke and Skywalker, and a bond was formed. This summer, Motown met trap in timeless harmony. A rainy night. She offered him a ride. Didn’t ask his name. They found a hotel. I think you get the point; if not please see “All I Wanna Do” by Heart. The result of this was a baby, a perfect mold of the future.

It was “Please Mr. Postman” by the Marvelettes, trapped by Borgore and Luke and Skywalker in a remix released on Buygore All Stars Volume Two, a massive compilation. Jordan Dennis, formerly one half of Luke and Skywalker, has gone back to the drawing board. This time he ventures out on a solo mission, with a little help from his friends at Buygore of course. Their All Stars Compilation includes his remix of “Welcome to the Jungle Bitch,” released under the name Jordan Alexander. This guy takes tracks that bang hard, and he makes them bang harder. Hard as fuck, as Borgore might have said, hearing the result of Jordan’s latest release. It was his suggestion, after all, to turn “Koala” into a trap track. Must be nice phone Asaf for an honest opinion on your track. Not like asking your mom or your friends, who might be obligated to say they like it.

Well, Do Androids Dance is neither Borgore, or your mom, but we bring you this release from Jordan Alexander. Playfully using refix to denote the total revamp done on this Blasterjaxx original, “Koala.” Pretty sure Borgore showed the track some brotherly love in his set at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

Jordan Alexander is just getting started, and I would keep an eye out for what is soon to come. Hopefully, his career blossoms and he will be touring/making music. Maybe even under the Buygore Label. The legend continues.