JSTJR – “Jumbo Jam”


If you’re not familiar with zouk bBass, well it’s time to get acquainted. Much like moombahton, zouk bass is quite sensual, slowed down, and focuses more on deep sub bass, tropical, and African vibes. What does this mean? Women grinding on the dancefloor; I’ve seen it with my very eyes when this cool cat by the name JSTJR (pronounced “gesture”) dropped a sensual zouk bass set at my residency, Shake ‘n Bass. This is the same guy that was named one of the people that are keeping moombahton alive, but he also always seems to be killing it when it comes to zouk bass. He has graced us with the presence of his latest track, which he has released through Generation Bass, called “Jumbo Jam.” The bass is massive in this track which the first thing that made this track stand out to me. He also combined a quite creative manipulation of an air horn, what sounds like a high-pitched guitar sound, and some white noise to create this groove that undeniably gets the head bobbing and the hips swaying. Once you listen to this track it’s clear to see why everyone has their eye on this talented up-and-comer.