Kayzo – “Tekken”

Image via Kayzo
Image via Kayzo

It isn’t so often anymore that big room drops mean anything anymore. Big room as a genre burst along with the EDM bubble, maybe the first to fall among the genres past. I’m pouring out a little Louie for the genre that put walls up, even if it was in a big room. Outdoor festivals are a bigger room. Dubstep, trap music, and recently I maybe heard moombahton. Also we might as well include rock and roll, and punk music, even hip-hop and rap.

Is it the day the music died?

Deficient attention spans and broken records have bored us into submission almost across the genre board and throughout music history. There are forces trying to manipulate and destroy its ability to adapt and evolve, and also those trying to use it to hypnotize weak minds.

There are those of us who refuse to be dumbed down. We get lost in the interwebs, learning and discovering a plethora of things. Different things. We are spongebobs with the intelligence of Adventure Time.

Electronic music lives forever in digital space, everywhere and nowhere at once. Groovy bass reverberates and bellows from a wormhole at the bottom of the ocean, that blows bubbles and makes pixelated clicks. The arcade is another echoing of ghosts from our past.

Kayzo‘s new original mix is named after the classic fighting game, Tekken. Music is a universal language with unwavering strength and power. Kayzo’s track shares the message that rings richly, like the age of a wise old tree or the sound bytes of a futuristic video game that was made in the past.