Kennedy Jones – “No Return”

Image via Kennedy Jones
Image via Kennedy Jones

Kennedy Jones is everywhere these days, repping bass music and big sounds everywhere he goes. In this track, he takes us to the point of “No Return.” Festival trap takes big room sounds from the stage to the speakers in your home and car. It is so big it’s everywhere, just like Kennedy Jones. He went over to Ultra for a recent mix, has a sick remix on Dr. Ozi’s new EP, and now this track comes out also through Buygore Records. We’re all friends in this industry, right? We are certainly not strangers, and none of this is strange.

It’s all love.

We are, at least I am, stunned at new material from artists like Kennedy Jones THO. Jones hits our ears with hard drums, with a smooth melody. I’d certainly agree that there is something formulaic about big room tracks reliant on the drop, but Kennedy is a master of the drop. He demonstrates such control over the pace of this track, starting out smooth without a dramatic drop, slowly building to pounding, quick beats.

I am impressed, and I guess not even that surprised, even though the look on my face after the second drop might tell you otherwise. We as an audience are not strangers to Kennedy’s unique sound; some of us know it quite intimately. With him it is just as much about what happens after a big drop, and before it. “No Return” is one big drop in each bellow of drum and bass, and the sounds that fill the silence.

Like some of the real game changers in this industry, Kennedy manages to shock and awe in the best way possible. His music is a direct representation of his hard work, and he is an inspiration to fans and a well deserved success. No matter what label he is producing through, what city he is in, or how busy he is, he treats his fans and colleagues like family.

Like I said, it is all love.