Khadafi Dub and David Apostrophe – “KANDI KIDS (Jakes Remix)”


You should be no stranger to Jakes.  He’s one of the most underappreciated producers in bass music.  Everything he’s touched has been MASSIVE.  And a large amount of his released content hasn’t been downloadable.  But he’s on a streak of giving out free tunes.  And I love it.

And we’re getting you familiar with Khadafi Dub.  He’s been bubbling for a minute, but landing on Ricky Vaughn’s The Sazon Archives, Vol. 1 and having Jakes remix him within weeks makes us raise an inquisitive eyebrow.  This tune is off of David Apostrophe’s The Compound Mixtape, a downloadable release that pulls dubstep, trap, and hip-hop all together into one cohesive effort.  The hilarity of me talking to Khadafi Dub today and him not mentioning this tape or the single hasn’t been lost.  That’s my dude, though.  And if you have any doubts in his dedication to this electronic world, do a bit of research.  Every time I saw Nero in the past two years, Khadafi Dub has been on stage in official capacity hyping the crowd.  He’s been about this life.

This is classic Jakes, flipping a simple vocal into a tune that we could see him releasing two years ago.  As everyone seems to be moving on to bigger sounds (and trap), Jakes is sticking to his guns and continuing to make those records that we hold close to our heart.