KickRaux – “2 Of Everything ft. 2 Chainz, Boy Wonder & Ree$e ($1 Bin Remix)”


Dollar Bin is a New York native that’s bouncing between genres like it’s the thing to do. He’s made incredible club, house, hip-hop, and a small stack of experimental tunes. The engineering ear is fine-tuned. And the recent output is setting a tone.

I hope minds are blown when they hear this one; it’s a trap remix of a trap remix of a rap record. The club flip and the addition of the horns from Trick Daddy’s “Shut Up” are the definition of a flex. This isn’t normal.

It gets better. Not only is this downloadable, but there’s a link to a free .zip of tunes RIGHT under the follow button on the $1 Bin soundcloud page as well. You know what to do.