Kid Cedek x Big Makk Ft. Dreggae – “Bad Gyalz “


Why oh why is it taking Big Makk and Kid Cedek so long to pop on a mainstream level? They’ve spent the past years carving out their sound, building audiences, spinning tunes, and giving the world free downloads of fire records. Every day they aren’t playing for humongous crowds pains me a little bit.

Cedek resides in Atlanta, and Big Makk is from Orlando. They teamed up with an incredible emcee from Montego Bay to carve out a hard-hitting straight-forward moombahton tune. This trio from three different parts of the globe pulled this one off flawlessly.

Bad Gyalz is coming out on Ayres and Tittsworth’s T&A Records on Spetember 3rd on a compilation titled “The Grind”. Artists featured include Sabo, Bro Safari, UFO!, Tittsworth, Willy Joy, and more. That’s next week, by the way. August is almost over!