Kinzy & Soloman – “Lord Zedd”


You know what I love? Whenever we comment on the dubstep scene, from tracks that make us “miss” the scene, or ways that America failed the scene, or even rappers that we’d love to hear spitting on dubstep, people get SO UP IN ARMS! And I get it; if there’s something that you loved dearly, and you feel it’s been (or being) mistreated, you want to get on the horn and stand up for it, or express your thoughts on why someone would be wrong about it. The flipside is that whenever fierce dubstep DOES drop, stuff that stays true to the scene, how many heads are jumping up to support?

Yeah, that’s what I thought; radio-fucking-silence.

With all of that said, Kinzy quietly released a free EP, Identify Yourself, earlier this week. Similar to his “Christmas Day” free release, or “Kill A Soundboy,” dude’s in the pocket with these bangers, and cuts like “Lord Zedd” highlight how well he works within the 140 tempo. Linking up with Soloman, “Lord Zedd” is a lurching, hypnotic slice of bass bliss, establishing a funky groove and keeping it locked. No ridiculous drops or anything; this is no nonsense dubstep. Screwface tunes. Chew on that, androids.