Listen to Crooker’s “Miami Jetlag” Mix


Shouts to Crookers for continuing to feed these Internets. He’s been steadily building up an arsenal of tunes, which he lets loose in his “Miami Jetlag” mix. Why “Miami Jetlag,” you ask? “I called it “Miami Jetlag Mix” ’cause I was already looking forward to my “best friend” Jetlag. Whenever I start to miss him he comes and kicks my ass for a week straight.” DAD’s thankful we get some new heat while Crookers beats his best friend up.


Pedestrian – Hoyle Road (Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka Remix)
Maison Sky – Shark Alarm
UZ – Trap Shit V13 (Justin Martin Remix)
Poirier – Gal U Good (Astronomar Remix)
SecondCity – The Story
Deadmau5 – Telemiscommunications (Crookers rmx)
Hot Natured – Reverse Sky Diving (Deetron rmx)
Crookers – Heavy
Louis Benoit – Clark Kent (Ciao Recs)
Daddys Groove Cryogenix -Tilt
Crookers – Ghetto Guetta
Crookers – Giga (Ciao Recs)
Dilligas & Crookers – Loud (Ciao Recs)
Crookers & Digi – STIAAH! (Ciao Recs)
Fuuku – M.I.C.U (LuckyBeard Rec)
Stabber – Abduction (LuckyBeard Rec)
Geeky playtime cable
Jeremih – Fuck you all the time