Listen to Goldie’s Set from FABRICLIVE in March 2013


A week before DAD’s Goldie Week festivities, Playaz had Goldie touch down for an epic, throwback set. While this isn’t fully downloadable, it sounds luscious  and highlights for those who might not be in the know how important both Goldie and his Metalheadz imprint are to the drum & bass imprint. He kicks this one off with “Inner City Life” and doesn’t look back:

And if you need more Goldie/Metalheadz heat, grab this mix from 1996 which features Kemistry, Storm, and Goldie going for theirs. Today (April 25) marks the 14th anniversary of Kemistry’s untimely passing, so put a lighter in the air and remember one of the women who got Goldie into all of this in the first place: