Listen to Loadstar’s “Future Perfect” Minimix

DAD can’t wait for you to dig into what we’ve been loving. Out on May 26 is Loadstar‘s long-awaited Future Perfect LP on Ram, and it’s just as varied and awesome as we knew it would be. Lomax and Xample came into the game separate, crafting their own takes on the drum & bass sounds. As Loadstar, they turned their attention to wrecking dancefloors in a dnb style, but something triggered a change, and they’re now taking on any sound under the sun.

Future Perfect‘s 15 tracks span the dance music globe, going from big house and upfront drum & bass to other worlds we’re not sure we imagined Loadstar roaming. You can’t take in the entirety of the project in a 10 minute mini-mix, but you get a strong feel for the work that these two put into their debut album as a duo. They knew we’d been salivating for it, and they churned out a winner. Pre-order the project today.