Listen to MYRRYRS’ Body High Mix


To hype up his forthcoming Body High EP, Southside Horror, Myrryrs cooked up this special mix for the Body High crew, giving us a glimpse into the house side of his repertoire. There’s no nonsense going on here; we’re beat over the head with a throwback concoction of four-to-the-floor beats, stitched with a heaping helping of wild samples. If you’ve already heard “Is It True?,” you’ll be glad to know that this come-down finishes out the mix, but not before we trek through 20+ minutes of high energy.

Southside Horror drops on May 28.


Myrryrs – Intro Theme
Myrryrs – Pineapples
Myrryrs – Fantom Doze (Club Mix)
Myrryrs – Falling Arps (Club Mix)
Myrryrs – Memphis
Myrryrs – CPT
Myrryrs – Nine-1-1
Myrryrs – Hard Drive
Myrryrs – Yello VIP
Myrryrs – Yeaah Refix
Myrryrs – Is It True?