Listen To Round Table Knights’ “5 Years of Jackmode Mix”


If you like cutting-edge house and techno, there’s no reason you shouldn’t like Jackmode: “Jackmode represents dynamic and cutting edge talent, who collectively share a passion for House and Techno music. With musically diverse roster and many up and coming acts it sets itself apart as a truly progressive agency and label. With a refreshingly international roster, each artist brings their own unique flavor.” Pretty lofty right? Well, they’ve been around for five years now and to mark the occasion, the outfit has enlisted Round Table Knights to put together a “5 Years Of Jackmode Mix” featuring cuts from Zombie Disco Squad, Mat.Joe, Monkey Safari, Doctor Dru, and a personal favorite in Monte’s “You Should Know.” We know an hour and forty minutes can be a long time to commit to a mix you’re not quite sure of, but that’s why we do it for you. Check out this mix and get down.


1. HNQO ft. Club Idol – Dont Stop
2. Mat.Joe – Ride
3. Doctor Dru – U don’t Dance
4. Monkey Safari – Got the Jack
5. Zombie Disco Squad – Brooklyn in the House
6. Death on the Balcony – Move like Fire
7. Joyce Muniz – Sleepless
8. Monte – You Should Know
9. Fabo feat. Lostcause – My Way
10. Penner+Muder feat. Daniel Wilde – Love you some more
11. Filtertypen – Keep That Shhh
12. Sishi Rosch – Badboi
13. O&A – Alligator Jazz
14. Mercury – Life is Lovely
15. Jamie Anderson – Crucial Dub
16. Homework – By Definition
17. Animal Trainer – Together
18. Kruse & Nuernberg, Adana Twins – Talking About…
19. Round Table Knights – Each Time
20. Chris James – Somebody