Listen to Ta-ku’s Guest Mix for the Potato Mix Series

For the first POTATO Guest Mix, they roped in a legend like Moby. The second edition of this series just dropped, and in true 180-degree fashion, they got Australian beatsmith Ta-ku to contribute a stellar set for them exclusively. Hopefully you caught Ta-ku’s Boiler Room set from a few months back, or are just a fan of his music. If you’re a fan, you already know what time it is. If you’re not a fan, you better get to be a fan.


0:00 Ghost Loft – Seconds (Ta-ku Remix)
2:31 Cosmo Midnight – Dofflin (Ta-ku Remix)
4:05 Ta-ku – Hey Justin
5:50 Ta-ku – Diamond Mouth
7:50 Sango – Owe Me (Ta-ku Remix)
12:13 Mt Eden – Sierre Leone (Ta-ku Remix)
13:56 Slugabed – Ultra Heat Treated
15:43 Ta-ku – When I Met You
17:27 Kit Pop – Gappy
19:15 Clicks & Whistles – Fumando
22:05 Bobby Tank – I Be Going Here
24:02 Ta-ku – Hustle
25:19 Zeke – DogPoundRiddim
28:05 Kaytranada – Killa Cats