LOST & Requake – “Bad B***h”


Very rarely do I post tracks that aren’t available for download.  I’m of the opinion that unless a record is HUGE, or from an artist that genuinely earned their position in the industry, the only way to get exposure is to allow people to become fans.  Download your records.  And LOST has a history of shitting on this standard.

And even more rare is the post from me with vocal drops.  This collaboration between LOST and Requake is making me break my self-imposed rules.  Just as I kick dirt on producers abandoning dubstep, this heady tune restored my faith that the records we REALLY love will come back.  It put me back in a really happy place.

But LOST has a history of tucking tunes for an INCREDIBLE amount of time.  “Dirty Bandit” was premiered on a UK radio show, and took nearly a year to get offered up for free download on his Facebook page.  Let’s hope “Bad Bitch” doesn’t come out in 2014.