Lynx & Hellrazor ft. Bobby Esmond – “Bobby Says”


Lynx has had an interesting ride during his 11 years within the drum & bass scene. He started out getting releases on a few of Stakka & Skynet’s imprints, and while he’s always maintained this neuro-esque feel to his tracks, he’s branched out, with releases on 31 Records, Soul:R, and Fokuz. Out now is his Midnight Funk EP on Playaz, and “Bobby Says” finds him linking with Hellrazor, crafting another one of their singular bangers. There’s something about the way they have the kick and the snare hitting on damn near every beat; that alone sounds like a recipe for disaster, but they make it work. Well. Just like they did with “4-3-3″ before it, and realistically, I’m waiting for them to do an album together.