Machinedrum – “Eyesdontlie (DJ Shadow Remix)”


One track that I’m loving but hadn’t gotten up on the site was Machinedrum‘s “Eyesdontlie.” There’s something about the moody number, with its hypnotic “eyes don’t lie” vocal running throughout that’s done something to me. When I got word that Ninja Tune got DJ Shadow remixed this cut, I honestly didn’t know what to think. He’s gone a far way from his Endtroducing… days, and has incorporated a slew of future beats and bass into his sets and production these days. What I wasn’t expecting was a trap-laced wall of sound with this remix…

It’s a weird combo to say the least; he incorporates the style well, but where some of today’s artists might just let the 808 ride, Shadow brings in a number of different vocal samples, really opening up the theme set from the original with his own encyclopedic knowledge of music. It’s one of those that might not sink in on first listen, but should be given a few repeated listens to let the flavors soak in. This drops on July 29 via Ninja Tune in both digital download and red & black “splatter” 12″ vinyl.