MAKJ – “Hold Up” (+ Make a Track with Mak Contest Details)


At the end of April DAD got the chance to interview up and coming DJ/producer/Japanese race car enthusiast MAKJ who told us he’d be dropping some big original tracks in the near future. Well big it is and arrived it has. MAKJ’s most recent track, “Hold Up,” dropped yesterday on Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Music and provides exactly the same bang for your buck that you would expect from any MAKJ original tune. It’s available exclusively on Beatport for the next two weeks so scoop it up before you’re too late.

While you’re at it, if you’re a young wannabe mini-Mak who’s been waiting for your shot at the big time – you may be in luck. MAKJ is running a contest with Talenthouse that could put you in the studio with MAKJ himself to drop a collaboration on a big boy record label.  Check the contest by clicking here and get ready for the 15 minutes of Internet fame that you’ve always deserved.