Skerrit Bwoy’s Electric Gospel Takes Moombahton (and Mary Mary) to “Heaven”

Image via ElectricGospel
Image via ElectricGospel

If you still remember Skerrit Bwoy as the early era Major Lazer dancer known for doing WWE legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka-style splashes from atop tall ladders onto the vaginal areas of twerking women below, you’re probably going to be really shocked to know that a) he’s left the twerk behind to embrace religion and spirituality, and b) he’s just released likely the world’s first God-fearing moombahton edit through Electric Gospel, his New York City-based DJing, emceeing, production, mixing, and mastering unit.

Though more mainstream renowned, similar to Skerrit Bwoy, legendary vocal duo Mary Mary are also groundbreaking gospel pioneers. Promising “Jesus and Bass,” Electric Gospel takes the tandem’s 2005 hit “Heaven” and drenches it in the dembow riddim with Dutch house pulsations and futuristic lasers for a track that would certainly awaken vibes and spirits that are foreign to the usual salacious fervor of typical moombahton-filled nights.

Skerrit Bwoy adds the following:

Moombahton Gospel? Yes! No genre is safe from us. We’re turn it up max. No filter! Bass heavy! Walls rocking! Celling cracking! Buck! Cops came by & gave us a DTP ticket, for this one. lol. Hope you enjoy the remix as much as they did icon smile Skerrit Bwoys Electric Gospel Takes Moombahton (and Mary Mary) to Heaven

WARNING: This music contains heavy bass. For best results, listen on a great pair of headphones, or a High Quality sound system. Please, no ipads, blackberries, or internal laptop speakers, & especially not $9.99 headphone. Thank us later.