Coldcut’s Matt Black Gave Away Samples From His VCS4 Synth

Image via @ninjatune on Twitter
Image via @ninjatune on Twitter

If you are a synth nerd (such as me) and you love finding new pieces of vintage gear, prepare to have your mind blown. The  VCS 4 was a synth created by Electronic Music Studios in 1969 and was actually a prototype of one of their more popular products, the VCS3 – essentially, they wired two VCS3s together to make the new model.

While this shouldn’t be questioned in any sense, because it makes sense – it turns out that Matt Black of Coldcut fame is the proud owner of one of the TWO prototypes of the VCS4 in the world, and decided as a gift to give away a few sounds that he created on the ridiculously rare synthesizer.

You can download the lo-fi samples by clicking here – and if you are in front of your computer right now, it would probably be best to fire up your DAW or sampler and get to chopping.