Maxum – “Phaze”


You guys do remember that Maxum’s only 15, right? You’d think that the submissions we’d be getting from producers his age would be unpolished, or missing something… Maxum‘s dropping bombs in the middle of the dancefloor then marveling at the absolute pandemonium he’s causing. Released this week on Indie Music Group was “Phaze,” an intense piece of progressive house. We can’t think of much we’d add to this one; he’s got his energetic build-ups down to a science, and the fury in his drops? This is a huge tune, and something you weekend warriors can easily get behind… and get down to.

  • Eric Henriques

    I love these writeups! you guys bring the BEST music to the table!

    • khal

      we appreciate that!

  • istanbul

    this music is absolutely garbage. forget the complete lack of stylistic originality, the production is thin, bright, and hard to even listen to. Im tired of really young producers getting a free pass like were supposed to give them a handicap for being young

    • khal

      your thoughts on the production aside, what do you mean by “young producers getting a free pass” – is there something I’m missing?

  • Justin Loranger

    Progressive house just seems so formulaic now.