Melé – “Metal Gear”


Melé done done it again, this time for the Digital Soundboy crew (didn’t we tell you they were on their dean). For this one, he decided to craft a dancefloor masher, all wild percussion and resonant bass. This one feels like you’re caught in the middle of a code red, sirens blaring, pandemonium ensuing, right before shit goes down and it’s time for fight or flight. Or maybe Melé tells this one better:

“Metal Gear began life as a tool I wanted to use just for my DJ sets. I played the really early version out a few times and the crowd reaction was mad so I decided to finish it off and make it into a proper track. But I wanted to keep ‘Metal Gear’ pretty straight forward, direct and for the clubs; this is just a taster of what’s to come my forthcoming EP!”

You can grab this one for free via the DSB website.