MiM0SA ft. Bun B – “Boss S**t”

Image via MiM0SA
Image via MiM0SA

MiM0SA should be flexing. He has his Future Trill Vol. 2 album dropping on August 12, and while most people use the term “trill” without license, MiM0SA actually went to the source, Bun B, and got him on a track on the album. What’s MiM0SA doing, though? He took to his Facebook to discuss how many fucks he isn’t giving:

The fact that my inbox is being hit with the drama surrounding what people think about this track and not the fact that MiM0SA HAS A FUCKING TRACK WITH BUN B is sad. And I did end up getting a press release about this album, but with the history of the term “trill” and Bun B practically being the ambassador for said term (to the point where he will G-check someone over using it out of pocket), it’s interesting that this wasn’t pushed more on a PR front. This is a dope co-sign for an “EDM DJ.”

Also, is it just me or is “Boss Shit” oddly structured? Bun B’s verse doesn’t kick in until halfway through this three-minute track. I’ve looked through a lot of the back-and-forth in this post, and some spoke on his hip-hop roots. Not too many hip-hop tracks, especially ones that don’t have huge drops, start the actual rapping 90 seconds in. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like the track could have started with the Bun B stuff, especially because it has MiM0SA drops and such, then had it end with the insane flips and additions to the theme. When your press release talks about “traveling to Texas with a suitcase of cash and a hard drive full of beats” searching for this feature, you’d think it wouldn’t be awkward.

That said, MiM0SA ultimately should stick to flexing on how he kind of won with this feature. Instead, he’s bothered enough by “haters” to feel the need to go all caps on Facebook. That should be the least of his worries, especially when he spent good money on getting the Trill O.G. to spit on this track. Truthfully, I just wish people would stop using the term “future trill,” as we’ve seen a number of variations on this theme before. If you’re flexing about “being different,” you should actually be different.

(Nah Right)