Mr. Carmack’s Spin on Future RnB Will Be The Funniest Thing You Hear All Day

Image via Mr. Carmack
Image via Mr. Carmack

Any loyal SoundCloud follower of beatsmith Mr. Carmack should be aware of his antics by now. He’ll upload obscure tracks at whatever hour  he damn well pleases – not to mention, he’s a fan of removing all his old tracks without warning to make way for new content. While he’s not done anything that extreme recently, his upload from yesterday had me in absolute stitches. My sides still kinda hurt.

Carmack tries his agile hand at the spacey, croony sound of future RnB, the autotune-heavy apparent older brother of whatever regular RnB was. The vocals are what makes it so golden however – a blend of nothing but clichés and gibberish, which is what lots of people listen to the likes of Drake for in the first place, myself included. It’s a minute and a half long, but that’s all you need to get the idea.

The best part of all this? Carmack says in the description that “this is a real project coming soon.” Can’t wait.


    I think he’s making fun of what he thinks Future, Drake, and Young Thug sounds like not future drake or future young thug